Interactive Text Response 

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Interactive Text Response will be the most important asset in your business, but you do not have to pay thousands to enjoy the power of Mobile Marketing.

For your small investment today of $197 set up fee and an ongoing $47 (basic package) a month cancel anytime fee you will get:

    • Extensive Support and How To Section.
    • Your Own TEN Digit American Number.
    • Option to Have Your Own Area Code.
    • One Thousand SMS Messages Included.
    • Access to Developer on Skype.
    • Broadcast Messages Automatically (Just like an Email Autoresponder)
    • Unlimited Keywords.
    • Unlimited Auto Responder Integrations
    • Collect, Remind and Register leads by Goto Webinar by SMS
    • Collect, Remind and Register leads to Webinar Jam by SMS
    • Full access to the complete ITR system (reseller features, everything)
    • Your Own Biz in a Box to Lease Keywords for big $$
    • And ONE CENT MESSAGING USA and ability to SMS to any Country

Small Investment – Massive Results!

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