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67 Ways to use Mobile Marketing with Interactive Text Response.

  1. Advertising. Supercharge ads with the Live Direct Response using Interactive Text Response.
  2. Billboards. Do you really expect drivers to remember your billboard long after the fact when they arrive at home?  Use Text Signup with your sign so they can sign up immediately and safely request more info.
  3. Better marketing.  Studies have shown that it’s far more effective to provide multiple contact or signup channels than just one or even two.  Get it with SMS.
  4. Book sales. You sold the book but who’s the buyer?  Reserve a chapter or special offer for your buyers who register through your SMS.
  5. Book tours. It’s good to sell a few books on tour.  It’s even better to sign up both buyers fans through convenient text messaging so you can market premium services and future books.
  6. Branding.  Branding is more than a name.  It’s the aggregation of all the ways that customers can touch you.  Make it easier to reach you AND build your brand equity with your ITR.
  7. Business card.  Promote your SMS campaign on your business card where you can let the recipient choose which of the multichannel options he prefers to get more info.
  8. Business building.  If you plan to grow fast, the most effective way is with automation.  You design that into your technology and product.  Get it for your Marketing with Interactive Text Response.
  9. Channel marketing. Give the gift of marketing. Interactive Text Response programs enable you to share the benefits with your distributors, resellers, and retailers.
  10. Company phone. Unlike typical SMS systems, the Interactive Text Response system fully integrates, records, and stores phone, text, and web contact and immediately follows up.
  11. Corporate presence.  Everyone, even Google, had to start somewhere.  Whether your business is still a concept, it’s home-based or consulting, or you’re a high-tech startup, you still need to be professional, have an initial presence, enable people to contact you, and put a stake in the ground that you can build on.   Interactive Text Response gives you a great start with a  text messaging, lead form, and web page.
  12. Contractors. You get free advertising when you use yard signs.  Give passersby a choice in how to contact you and ensure you capture that contact immediately with Interactive Text Response.
  13. Customer loyalty.  Use your campaign for your customers in conjunction with a newsletter, special offer, or other promotion.
  14. Data capture.  Interactive Text Response signup includes features for, web and SMS signup.  Use it for questions, suggestions, feedback, voting, or to collect additional subscriber data such as zip code.  When you opt to receive Interactive Text Response leads as a file you receive all subscriber data, including the Notes field, so you can act on it accordingly.  We provide full-service consulting to assist you with all your data needs, including creating additional fields.
  15. Direct response cards.   Tear out or loose cards in print publications are excellent to catch reader attention.    But they still rely on the  possibility that the reader will fill in the card, and then mail it.  Turn that possibility into a a near certainty with Interactive Text Response easy text messaging and web signup.
  16. Direct sales. Do you have customer billing or credit card data on file?  If so, Interactive Text Response Multichannel communications is easy to use and gives the customer a choice  of means for ordering.  All messages are stored and accessible so you always have documentation on the original order.
  17. Email marketing. Seeking to build your email list?  Interactive Text Response gives you text messaging  signup and directly updates your email marketing service.
  18. Email signup.  Email is yet another Interactive Text Response signup channel.  Use it on emails when you only need to collect name and email address and the subscriber doesn’t need to be sold.  Let us know if you need it and we’ll set that up at no extra charge.
  19. Exhibiting.  You make a significant investment in booth space, equipment, travel, and time.  Now invest in getting real leads to pay for it. Mobile lead capture for your exhibit booth is simple, requires no extra equipment, and captures passersby who see your sign but don’t stop at the booth.
  20. Expertise. We trust you’re an expert at your product or service.  But are you a marketing, technical, and web genius?  We don’t expect so.  That’s our job.  Let us be your expert.
  21. Event marketing.  Most events reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of readers through outbound marketing and partners. Only a tiny percentage actually register for your event.  What happens to the other 99.99%?  Incent them to sign up so you can reach them for future meetings.
  22. Event services.  Your sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers invest thousands of dollars  to participate at your expo or conference.  Give them a valuable service by partnering with Interactive Text Response to provide free or low-cost mobile leads.
  23. Event registration.  If you have a free event or just take payment at the door, hundreds or even thousands of attendees walk in … and you don’t know who they are!  It’s easy to get them to sign up at the entrance with the right offer like door prizes from your exhibitors.  Use Interactive Text Response to collect leads as they walk in.
  24. Follow up. Prospects are 21 times (yes, times) more responsive when you follow-up within 5 minutes. So do it!  Follow up immediately with Interactive Text Response
  25. Global Reach. Interactive Text Response can capture details, via sms, globally for pennies a message.
  26. Google Hangouts. Collect leads directly from your Google Hangout using Interactive Text Response. Connect with your viewers.
  27. Google Ads. You’re paying a lot for a click.  Don’t waste it by sending web searchers to a typical site where they can get lost, get bored, or find a reason to move on. Instead use the Interactive Text Response powered Landing Page.  See Landing page.
  28. Home service providers like roofers, painters, plumbers, gardeners, home security, etc.  See Contractors.
  29. Instant offers. Interactive Text Response is a powerful offer platform.  It’s mobile so offers can be redeemed directly on-site.  Both a text and email are sent immediately on signup.  They enable a variety of offer formats, such as a text code, QR code, graphic ad, and link to your own offer page.
  30. Internet traffic. Interactive Text Response powered web Landing Page is optimized to help draw web traffic.  Be sure to link to it from your web site, social media, and video.
  31. Landing page. Web sites are fine at providing information but they’re poor at sales.   Instead of sending leads to your site, send them to yourInteractive Text Response Landing Page.  It’s optimized for lead capture and converts the visitor into a lead.   Once you have the digital lead you’re in control.  With Interactive Text Response Immediate Response you can send a personal text message and  email your web link and other media.  Interactive Text Response can directly add the lead to your email service or CRM.  You can be notified immediately for personal and direct followup.
  32. Leads.  78% of potential customers won’t buy from you just via the email or web. They use at least two channels. 30% use three or more.  Your customers demand choice and convenience.  They prefer the multiple channel lead generation provided by the Interactive Text Response system.
  33. List building.  Interactive Text Response is an ideal list builder tool.  It provides multiple signup channels to maximize response and automatically updates your email marketing or CRM service.
  34. Live marketing.  Always be selling!  Any time you’re among people marketing, recruiting, selling, or showing is a perfect time to sign up those interested in learning more with text messaging signup.   Also see Mobile marketing.
  35. Mobile marketing. Your prospects aren’t confined to the home or office.  Neither is your marketing or your own business.  A mobile world needs a universal mobile solution — the phone virtually everyone has in their pocket.  Get it with Interactive Text Response text signup.  Even if leads are at home or the office, it’s easier to send a text message than to go to a web site!
  36. Network marketing. Network marketing is all about belly-to-belly sales.  So capture that belly in person with convenient text messaging.
  37. Networking. Keep your personal phone and contact private.  Use the Interactive Text Response system for a separate public phone number with text messaging and a web page where anyone can contact you and you can connect with them on LinkedIn and other networks.
  38. New office.  Interactive Text Response gives you a local presence with a phone number and area code, greeting,  messages that can be customized for that specific location and language.  While it appears that you have a local office,  you could actually be running it from another city … or even country.
  39. Newsletter signup.  Signups can automatically be added to your email marketing service.
  40. Personal marketing. Each Interactive Text Response system is a custom campaign built specifically for you.  Use it for your own special message and personalize it with the contact’s name.
  41. Product marketing. You spend time and money to create products and promotions.  They deserve their own identity.  Interactive Text Response is Marketing In a Box, which gives you a phone number and multiple lead gen channels to enable people to easily interact with the product and promo and get more info.
  42. Product packaging.  Put one ore more of your signup channels on your product label and you can run instant offers and promotions anywhere.
  43. Publishing. Content creators and guests need exposure.  Interactive Text Response’s rich features and multichannel signup provide it.  Interactive Text Response gives you the best of both worlds – valuable marketing services for them and branded communications for you that  reaches their audience.
  44. QR code.  We’re happy to provide a QR code on request at no extra charge.  The QR code will display yourInteractive Text Response campaign.  Print the graphic on collaterals and signs as an alternate way for your mobile leads and customers to signup.
  45. Referrals.  Your best and easiest sales comes from client recommendations.  So make sure referrals don’t get lost and remove all friction.  It just takes 15 seconds for future customers to request more info through Interactive Text Response text messaging and web signups.
  46. Restaurants and Bars. Text messaging is increasingly common in restaurant and bar marketing.  Interactive Text Response goes beyond typical services with multichannel signup and a Total Leads System with direct update of your mailing list.
  47. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  See Internet traffic. The Interactive Text Response web landing page is optimized to help draw web traffic.  Be sure to link to it from your web site, social media, and video.
  48. Sales. Your Interactive Text Response Landing Page is the gateway to sales.  We can enhance your Interactive Text Response with a full sales campaign  that automates the several needed touches to advance the lead down the sales funnel and ready him for a web or sales rep close.
  49. Sales recovery.   You already talked to or met with the lead and it didn’t result in a sale?  Manually add them to your Interactive Text Response web page.  They’ll receive an immediate reminder through its immediate followup and be added to your subscriber list for future followup, such as through your newsletter.
  50. Sales reps. Never lose a lead with Interactive Text Response.  Every contact, regardless of channel, is captured, immediately responded to, and ready for your followup.
  51. Sales management. The Interactive Text Response program provides a Total Leads System that you can customize and control for your sales staff.
  52. Security.  Are you exposing your personal phone number online and for business and networking?  Interactive Text Response is a secure intermediary that both makes it easy for people to contact you and gives you control over who you respond to.
  53. Signage. Give passersby the option to request contact or more info with a simple text message, as well as call or web visit.
  54. Signature. Promote your Interactive Text Response campaign in your email sig to ensure you capture interest from your contacts.
  55. Small Business. When you’re a small company, money is tight but you still need be professional and actively market.  Interactive Text Response comes to your rescue .  It’s Marketing in a Box with a broad range of automated marketing services, customized just for you, at a reasonable price.
  56. Social media. When people respond at social networks like LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, don’t link to and send them to your web site.  See Landing page.
  57. Speaking.  You spend a lot of time and energy speaking for free.  How many real leads do you typically get? Capture 80-100% of your audience with the cell phone in virtually everyone attendee’s pocket!
  58. Sponsors. You invest a lot of money at events and in publications.  But the return is typically light because you receive weak advertising in return.  Capitalize on your investment by generating real leads through Interactive Text Response live direct response like text messaging.
  59. Store visitors. Turn visitors into future buyers with convenient text messaging signup for special offers and promotions.
  60. Store demos. Don’t just show store visitors, sign them up with easy text messaging just like speakers.
  61. Sweepstakes.  Interactive Text Response was designed to support promotions and sweepstakes in particular.  You can’t get much simpler than sending a text message to enter.  You can even pick winners.
  62. Text messaging signup.  Automatically add signups to your email marketing or CRM service.
  63. Void Losing Leads.  Capture all SmS along with phone number, even if they misspell keywords
  64. Voting. See Data Capture.
  65. Webinars. Collect valuable leads from your viewers by SMS using Interactive Text Response
  66. Web site.  Don’t have a web site for your product or promotion?  We do  Interactive Text Response Landing Page is an ideal initial web presence and comes with a vanity subdomain or we can use yours.
  67. YouTube.  You can embed your YouTube video in your Interactive Text Response Landing Page.
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