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Interactive Text Response – Is This The New SMS System That Others Will Need To Measure Up To?

Jampact Technologies are please to announce the release of Interactive Text Response the first ever SMS marketing system that can serve questions based on answers supplied.

After years of development, Interactive Text Response has finally been released for public use, ITR was developed to meet the needs of Business Owners, Speakers and Marketers alike to provide a global SMS marketing and contact capture system.

ITR’s robust server based system allows anyone to easily set up a globally available SMS marketing platform that amongst other features, allows questions to be served ‘on the fly’ based on answers received to your SMS by use of our intuitive algorithm.

ITR also provides a segmented campaign management tool to allow multiple campaigns to be created with ease. Email auto responder integration ensures relevant information is passed seemlessly to your chosen email system.

Speakers and presenters can capture their audiences information by simply asking their audience to SMS a keyword to their global number and with the ability to tailor questions based on the responses of their audience, Speakers can narrow down and provide the information that is needed by that person.

Businesses can easily promote their global number on their website and capture visitor information whilst also being able to assess the needs of their customers directly.

Peter Davis, CEO of  Jampact Technologies says, “ITR will revolutionise the use of SMS in marketing to clients and customers, with 97% open rates, every business needs to seriously consider SMS marketing to further their endeavours. ITR has specialist features that no other platform has and we aim to make ITR the leader in the industry.”

Interactive Text Response is a simple must have application for anyone serious about marketing.

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